Housing Development
Section A
MHS offer free online and formal tutoring on
housing development and education services
and works to create affordable rental and
homeowner ship opportunities and to provide
programming related to youth and adult
financial literacy, home buyer education and
counselling, and entrepreneurship and job
training for low- to moderate-income families.
Section B
By promoting and undertaking the
development and maintenance of affordable
housing for the benefit of persons of low and
moderate income and thereby: encourage
employers to retain and create job
opportunities, particularly for resident young
people, and reduce out-migration; reduce the
level of participation and dependence on
public assistance programs; and rehabilitate
housing & counteract community deterioration.

Section C                                   
MHS focuses on helping low-and moderate
income families /individuals qualify for and
obtain affordable mortgage, build assets
and repair substan-dard homes.
Section D                             
To foster and promote community-wide
interest and involvement in the problems
associated with the underdevelopment of
affordable housing, and towards that goal
to sponsor & participate in public
symposium, and by any other means to
cooperate with, encourage and contribute to
the efforts of such parties in the
accomplishment of such purposes.
Section E                           
The organization works in the areas of
housing renovation and construction, micro
enterprise development, foreclosure
prevention, home buyer education, and
projects and program that provide
academic and cultural enrichment
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